Sending one street kid to school one at a time

Everything in the Philippines is a problem - from the government, corporations you worked with and down to its people. Every time you wake up is start of a stressful day - hearing corruptions or those new stupid ideas enforced by the government. Where in the world would you see a police agency hire security guards to protect them? Or would prohibit hammer from selling inside a mall just because it was a tool used by the mall-jacker to robbed a certain store?

While Philippines is certainly needs help, I'm not sure if she's ready to take one. Philippines is a stubborn country, lol.

I'm always interested in the subject of education, which apparently in the Philippines only enjoyed by those who can afford it.

On some occasions, I go around the streets of Metro Manila (the slum ones) sharing something to the street children. My own little way to share my blessings, small things that one way or another would atleast brings smile to their innocent faces.

It pained me seeing those children half naked tending their younger siblings or the forced errands they need to complete and while they can play, still they are supposed to be in school - but they cannot, simply because of poverty. This, while our elected officials are enjoying a million kickbacks from an anomalous transactions channeled through one of the government agencies, which for crying-out-loud uses people's money - our money.

Now, ask me "If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?" It has always been my dream to send a street children to school one or two maybe until they finish their High School (College is too expensive, I can't afford it and beside after HS one can start a life where they want to go, right?).

One of the reasons, I am roaming around the slumps giving those sweets is because I am also scouting for the possible recipient. I want to make sure it goes to the most deserving one/s. Well, according to my criteria. That includes a supportive parents. I mean some parents are usually the one who would discourage their children from going to school because they rather want to see them helping on their daily needs. And don't get me started on the child labor thing, hey this is Philippines, remember. Lol.

Yes, I want to pursue my dream of sending a child to school. Free education to less privilege kids. By doing this, I may have inspired people who would inspires another, then another and another. Isn't it a wonderful gift you can ever give to the Philippines, eh!

Two kids may not be that big to make a difference in a society where millions shared the same fate but to those two, it might mean a whole world to them because someone have started the spark of hope for their dreams to be a reality.

For this, I am joining #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 to try my luck. I used to be a very lucky person, like everything I wanted would just come my way. I would just say "uh oh" or raised my eye brows with a what-is-this gesture out of awe, lol. It was then, because now - it looks like "lucky" is running away from me, like regardless how much I tried to make it happen - it just won't. If I used to display the what-is-this gesture now, I'm getting use to the what-the-fuck gesture, lol.

Now, if this entry will be picked that means I can give one or two more kids to send to school. Yay, I'll be one happy person in the world and not to mention the iPad Air, lol. SUPER happy? Lol.

Now readers, you can also join #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 challenge question by simply answering this "If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?" Sounds like pageantry, eh. I hear you - what are you waiting, put that thoughts together and answer like you were representing Miss Babuyan Islands and vying for the crown of Miss Earth-International of the World of the entire Universe (ano daw?), lol. Just post your answer on the comment box and once this entry will be chosen. Readers with the most charming comment will bring home a iPad Mini 2. Lovely, isn't it? And, actually you can swap me the Mini to my (assuming) Air, if you want. I love everything small... except for.... tut tut. Lol.

Start commenting now, remember the iPad Mini, haha.