Party Hopping: It's more fun in the Philippines

See, I told you. COMC (Cleaning Out My Closet) is out.

Now, let's talk about the hottest yet depressing issue, the election - Philippine style, baby!

Jeebus, local news channels are encouraging Pinoy voters to vote wisely.

Fat chance, huh!

How can you be so wise when the names you can see while filling in your ballot are either cousins, sons, daughters, wives of those currently serving and not to mention the freaking re-electionists?

And I'm not even mentioning the rebels and those with mental disorders yet for that matter.

I'm not feeling ecstatic about this year's (term) election. For one, we already knew what kind of people will be on the seat occupying that freaking and infamous UPUAN as Glock 9 would put it. And two, because we already knew their kind, obviously there's not much to be expected (public service wise) but ofcourse there's a consolation which I'm sure Pinoy will be delighted - the scandals, lol.

This year's election is but an extension of those who are currently in the office. Oh well, it is very important that a legacy must preserved.

Ehem okay, I'm just being subtle here, legacy is not even the right word. I should have chosen, power instead. So let's refresh the line, "oh well, a power must be preserved", lol.

Have you noticed? A President's cousin, a Vice President's daughter, a former President's (the ousted one, lol) son, a Senate President's son, a Senator/former Senate President's wife, a Senator's son, and I don't need to name names of those seeking for re-election.

And for the rebels and the mentals, oh come on now. Seriously? Go figure!

I don't know what happen to the charismatic and Marikina's architect, the former MMDA chair, BF (Bayani Fernando).

Why he's missing on the list? I think he could stand a chance this time, if you ask me. I mean, look at the list and compare them to BF when it comes to public service - the lots are chicken... without wings, lol.

I, for one will be putting his name in the number one slot.

It's on May 13, try your self to vote wisely. Goodluck, atleast you have tried.