Cleaning Out My Closet - Part 6: BobOng Pinoy

Oooops! Don't freak. I am one of you, lol.

Well, acceptance wouldn't be that hard, would it? Or maybe we can put it this way - the truth will set you free.

Oh.. is it?

So altogether now - we are dumb asses, haha.

But kidding aside, yeah - I agree. I mean who would be in their right mind would ever install ERAP as president? If that is not enough reason then I don't know what else could be.

But hey I got one to ponder, perhaps you will consider this.

Come to think of it. Do you really believe Bob Ong came into existence because he just wants to write a book?

I mean for sure he's not just an author perse' but an individual with a mission. And that - to educate the dumb Pinoy masses.

As evident to his works, he only uses words that contemporary Juan dela Cruz understands. He wasn't particular with the correct sentence contraction or grammar for that matter but rather, whether he relayed the message well - sure enough that his conveyed message is being understood.

And do you really think the humor in between became a part because he's a funny guy? And that he wants simply to be identified that way? No, he particularly mastered the technique to attract our attention. I mean, we Pinoy are bunch of hilarious people, humor excites us.

So the chances of getting his books being read is greater when hilarious content on it. And that's the plan because as we read along the way, we realized that there are lessons behind the laugh trip.

Obviously, I am cleaning my closet again, lol. Oh don't fret! I can hear you. I promise this is the last of the series. So you can rejoice now.

One.. two.. three.. altogether now, shout - YIPPEE! lol.

Like the Twisted series, I got all of Bob Ong's books. And so far my favorite BO book of all time is the MacArthur. It's the best story I've ever heard or the more appropriate, read, lol.

Twisted, wasted and wicked although fictional in nature but surprise, surprise it's the real story we see everyday outside our window.

You go outside to run an errand and those random people you met are for sure the Noel, Jim, Voltron or Cyrus - only in someone's faces.

MacArthur captured every bit of what a typical Pinoy life is. The drugs, kotong (red tape), poverty, slumps and survival. In one word - misery.

See, it's more fun here (Philippines), you know (lol).

In his last book Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin (Stay Away from Me). It talks about the medium, where the typical Juan dela Cruz would waste their times - ofcourse in various color. Translated - on how we are being fed for rubbish information by the media.

Oh it's a fun read, you should get your copy.

I was watching American History X the other day. In the movie Danny had to revise his paper because the one he originally submitted he entitled it with Mein Kampf. The teacher said it's too Nazi so he required revision. His newly paroled brother Derek whom he idolized, advise him that it's always best to end a paper with a quote.

So here I am, also taking Derek's advise.
Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.
- Kurt Vonnegut

Finally.. COMC (Cleaning Of My Closet) saga ended, whew!.