Cleaning Out My Closet - Part 5: Bearer of Flame, the No Prize Winner

Do you think I'm a geek?

R2D2, C3PO initiate Geekometer!

Starts analyzing...
I love Star Wars (✓), Star Trek (✓), TV Series (✓), Movies (✓), Video Games (✓), knowledge in various computer languages (✓), books (✓) and uhm comicbooks (✓).
result: 100% geek!

Oh no! No, no - I'm not!

Defensive!? LOL.

Well, I cannot deny the fact that I am a smorgasbord type of person but hey, it doesn't really follow I'm a geek, does it?

Okay, fine - lower down that eye brows now. But ofcourse I would say, I know how's it like to be a geek.

Uhm how about we put it this way, I'm a half-bred geek, how's that to you? Well yes, I can relate stuff that geeks do. I mean, I just finished watching Seasons 1 to 6 of The Big Bang Theory.

Oh very hilarious if you ask me. It's funny because at some point I can see my self through them. Although I would say I'm more of the Leonard type, geeky but always have the time for dating, lol (ikaw na may love life).

I love that episode where "The Man" himself, Stan Lee guest starring and being pestered by Sheldon in his apartment to have his comic signed, lol. And you know who is Stan Lee for the geeks point of view - man, he's a living god who walks among us.

And speaking of Stan Lee - the reason I'm addicted to comics because of him. For me, he is the coolest guy on earth, and perhaps the oldest, lol.

We are what he calls, the bearer of the flames, the always bonafide winner of no prize (lol) - those who patronized Marvel comics. I am always a Marvelites and while I have some copies of DC/Vertigo/ABC/Wildstorm but not as loyal to collect a particular title.

I always like a crossover plots in which continuation of the story can be found in different titles. It's nice seeing individual heroes interacting with one another. The only bad side about this, is you have to double or triple your allowance for the comics, waaah.

While cleaning my closet on a weekend again, lol. Although I have a glimpse of them from time to time and sure very much aware of its states but you see I'm not feeling moody for cleaning. So it's not a shock that it's all dusty and webby, though I must say still looks good as new.

These comics will be worth a million, let say 100 years from now, lol. Good luck immortal or unless you are a vampire.

Now for the nth time (lol), do you really think I'm a geek? But then again, I have overheard that geek is a new cool.

Yeah! I'm a geek! LOL!