Cleaning Out My Closet - Part 4: Hello World, Where's the Bug?

I've been a software developer/programmer for more than 8 years. The most stressful part of my career life and with no social life - I might add. I mean for crying-out-loud you're on-call on your vacation! What the fuck?

Knowing you have to be on your knees just to get that freaking precious vacation leave. What a spoiler. Fine, you murdered my every vacation.

I knew from then that I have a bad temper, lol. But on those times it was enhanced to the 10th power, haha. There's never a day that I am not yelling because as if part of the job - you need to perform another tasks; e.g. Database Administrator, Tech Support and slash and slash.

The HR Manager, even tagged me as "a person with attitude problem" the idiot and she's suppose to be the HR Mgr (whatever happen to the word motivation) - ofcourse I really don't care. That was her opinion and beside it's only normal for someone's dreading each other, you know.

She can't fire me, simply I'm a bomb when it comes to work attitude, I maybe the hardest person to get along with but fact-of-the-matter, I am the Wolverine when it comes to work execution. I am the best there is, in whatever I do (that line from Wolvie not from me, just wanted to clear that out, lol).

But seriously, I have made some of my co-worker's life a miserable one. Oh well, who ever told you that I'll be all by my self - better be everyone, haha. And to those I have pissed, from the deepest and darkest part of my heart, thank you for the understanding (di talaga nag sorry, amp). I know there's quite a lot (lol), not only the R/Fs but there's an Audit Mgr, a Legal Adviser and a MANCOM (Management Committee) member, haha. Waah, I'm so notorious, lol.

But the good thing about my being a brat is that some of those I have made a row with became my closest friends until now. I can't help it, I'm bloody charming - haha.

Looking back, it's been a fun yet exhausting ride.

As I'm cleaning my room on a weekend, I found some of my computer books. It's bulky and outdated, so I guess I need to dispose them. It's no longer usable, I mean technology changes every waking hour, for chrissake.

I'm still working in an IT related job but atleast not in a way that I am directly dissecting every codes. Atleast now, I can make suggestion and forward it to the dev and let their head, aches for a good code, ahaha, it's payback time, lol.

And, I rarely have tantrums these days. Welcome to my New World Order life, it so Illuminati (lol), into the light.