Babyblush and Iceman: A Decade After

Inseparable! One word to describe.

The Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Batman and Robin, The Lone Ranger and Tonto or you might even say, Tom and bloody Jerry, lol.

Long time ago in a cyber universe about some 14 billion years.. nah I'm not talking about the Big Bang Theory, here. LOL.

When Facebook was just another boring web pages and Twitter not yet in existence and the shocking truth, Friendster was the mother of Social networking site (Well, in PI).

A little known place in cyberspace which eventually called the Kanto, was home to a group known only as the Rebelde. Composed of random people who for the love of ryhmes and words get along so good together. It was Year 2000 or Y2K, to make it sounds more of a hoax, lol.

Back then, we're already social (lol), was my Facebook. I wonder and while wandering the cyberspace, I cannot find the site. There's one with the same name but er, I won't even pay attention with the page design. What happened to that site?

Now back to Rebelde.

Rebelde is a Bulletin Board or in a more popular name it's called the forum where you interact through a thread, just like FB wall.

But rebelde is not a typical forum you can find (on those times). I mean, a typical forum during that time would always be a venue for bashing. And the funny thing it's always between the Ateneo and La Salle. By Outplaying, Outwitting and outlasting each other - Oh very survivor, lol.

And what made Rebelde so unique? Well, most of its member interact with each other through ryhmes. Balagtasan if you call it in Tagalog or in English, you set the tone through a poem.

It's kinda hard choosing the right word to say but it was hell of a fun. I myself was addicted and actually made friends which remains to be my best friends until this very day, well except for the other (one, lol).

Babyblush and Iceman were just two of the brightest and bubbly (lol) Rebelde ever walked the Kanto. When it comes to PDA (Public Display of Affection) these two are notorious. Kilig moments is everywhere when they're in their element (Oh the hormonal kids in teens, lol).

And that despite the fact that Iceman is the torpe (a dork?) type while Babyblush is the living proof of a Woman On Top (haha).

Babyblush and Iceman has this circle of friends calling themselves, the Tropang SiraUlo. Killerpogi was the most hilarious. Gin_Bulag was the one who can match Killerpogi when it comes to being funny. Arnivorous, the verbivore (whatever that means, I have no idea, lol), she was the White Queen of that Inner Circle. Guerrera, the love interest of killerpogi (but eventually killerpogi spotted dating Arnivorous, lol) possesses a charm that would look every man a cry baby (haha). Then there's Simple_Wan, Scrappydog and ofcourse Master Yuga, who would become Philippine's premier blogger. Yeah, the famous Abe Olandres behind the He was always a royalty back then but mind you the nicest person in the whole wide world.

After a decade, Iceman and Babyblush still constantly communicating this time via Facebook. Babyblush is now a mother of two lovely princesses and preferred to be called Mommyblush while Iceman still in dating mode. Although he was always pestered left and right by family and friends for the wedding bells. And just like Mommyblush, Iceman is now called the A_lamat:)

Just the other night, Babyblush and I had these moments down that memory lanes. We wandered back to Grabeh to revisits those moments.

I promised her to blog about it, so here it is.

And to end this testimony - this is very Friendster, lol.

Here's to the decade of friendship, remember the font and color, hehe.

May kanya-kanya man tayong mga buhay
Malayo man ang pagitan ng ating mga bahay
Pagkaka ibigan natin ay sana mananatili at di mawawalay
Kahit tayo'y magkaapo na't pareho ng may mga saklay

Dalangin ko sa iyo ay isang tahimik at masayang pamilya
Kasama ng iyong mga tsikiting na kay ubod gaganda
Ngunit sa tingin ko ito'y kelangang may kasunod na
Lalake para naman maiba at ng kumpleto na ang iyong pamilya

Thank you for the friendship
Now and forever I will keep
This treasure we have shared
Will last through our deathbed

Thanks Mommyblushie:)


WoW thanks sa matamis na tribute
Sa ating tandem na ubod ng cute
Cheers to our life long friendship
In sickness and in health and in any hardship
And also in the futuristic world where there will be some spaceship

Dahan dahan sa pag hiling
Ng ika tatlong chikiting
Dahil ika'y magiging
Ninong A_lamat na magiting :)

Wag sana matakot sa pag aasawa
Dahil iyan naman ay may kasamang saya
Lagi lang tatandaan na si misis na ang syang bida
At wag papadala sa mga opinyon ng pamilya

Lagi ako nandyan para sayo
Kailanma'y magbibigay ng mga hahalagang payo
Upang di pagdaanan mga pagkakamali ko
Matuto sa akin para iwas sakit ulo

Sige na nga at baka ma addik muli ako
Sa ating mga tula tulaan na ganito
Di magsasawang ulit ulitin
Ang pag gawa ng mga tula na tunay na atin

Ay... ang haba naman neto!
Biglang natigilan sa comment mo
Bihira kasi may nagkucomment sa blog ko
Kaya wow daig ko pa nanalo sa lotto

Mommyblush pagdating sa usapang ninong
Ang A_lamat ay kelan man hindi uurong
Bawal ang tumanggi sabi ng mga matatandang Lolong
Kaya yun go ako at bagkus sasalubong

Usapang pag aasawa ba kamo
Naku walang tayong pag-usapan dito
Tikom and no comment muna ako
Pag isipan ko muna bago mang invite sayo


Sige hala! Wag tagalan ang yong pagmuni muni
Usapang kasalan ay hindi munti
Bagos dasal ang dapat na yong katuwang
Pagdating ng reyna mong hinirang

Ako ay sana wag kuning ninang
Dahil ganda ko ay di pa losiang :D
Abay man or flower girl
Kering keri ko ang bawat twirl

Masarap mangarap sa pagdating
Sa bells n whistles, na magical feeling
At the end of the day if all comes down
When two heart beats as one and you'll never frown

Talaga namang kasalan pa rin ang tema
Alam mo namang torpe nga ang bida
Kaya malamang ito'y medyo matagal pa
Ngunit wag mag alala pagiging abay mo'y nakalaan na
Siguro okay lang naman sa'yo ang maging abay na lola *haha*

Oh.. Grabeh, this is so Rebelde
How I remember the day
When Iceman and the blushing baby
Snogging over there when killerpogi is away *LOL*