Crocodile Farm: It's More Fun in the Philippines

In tribute to Lolong, lol!

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Have you heard the noise? It's everywhere and it's intoxicating if you ask me.


Yep, I'm talking about politics. And this time noiser as ever, yeah right, as if they ever shut-up, lol.

Controversies over another controversies are surfacing everyday ofcourse to the delight of the media. Yummy (Right, Coco lol).

The other day Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and five others were arrested for allegedly staging an illegal gambling. On 16 Feb 2013, Moreno along with city coucilors Ernesto Isip Jr., Joel Chua, Ma. Asuncion Fugoso, Yul Servo Nieto, and former councilor Manuel Zarcal where at the middle of Bingo games at Sta. Cruz, Manila when Napolcom (National Police Commission) surfaced to arrest them. According to Napolcom, Bingo is one of the number games prohibited by law.

On hearing the news, Former President and Manila Mayoral candidate Erap Estrada whom Vice Mayor Moreno will be running with, rushed the police precinct and rumor has it; he had intimidated those arresting officers, actually punched one of the Napolcom agent by the name of Inspector Morata and not without side comments ofcourse, adding that their days are numbered. Confidently referring to the upcoming election that he will be once again a victor. And as he always does - he denied the allegations.

According to Presidential Decree (PD) 1602, Bingo Game is among the number games deemed illegal by the law but the law was now amended via Republic Act (RA) 9287 removing Bingo as among the illegal games.

Both parties are now preparing for appropriate case to be served each other.

Last week, Sen. Chiz Escudero was abjured by his UNO (United Nationalist Alliance) packs (mga werewolves ba ang mga ito?) after failing to join their proclamation rally in Cebu. Although he send them his video message which the party declined to show, saying atleast he send his emissary or proxy if he really can't make it.

Short termed Sen. Zubiri (after Comelec decided his seat should belong with somebody, lol) heard saying that Sen. Chiz should have sent movie star and girl friend Heart Evangelista instead, para bongga (ostentatious). Lol.

Ofcourse, political campaign is not fun without naming and dropping names. I always like Sen. Mirriam Santiago, I learned so much about pick-up lines from her and it's always an epic everytime she got one. Recently she called Sen. Ping Lacson as 'Pinky'. A name referencing to a female. Does she really know something fishy? Uhmm, I can smell it, Lol. Maybe, it's time to come out. Haha.

Then another senatorial aspirant from Liberal Party (LP) is under investigation for possibly illegal campaign activities, this after she posted in her Twitter account, how to win an iPad by just tweeting back your thoughts about 'corruption'. Corruption, huh! Here's former Sen. Jamby Madrigal's tweet:


Now, be very afraid. Because again they are coming after you. Once again they will be walking among us. Disguising to be one of us.

It's time to make CHANGE a reality. For crying-out-loud use your mind this time. Why would you ever let yourself be fooled for so many times?

Enough for the TRAPO (Traditional Politician). Enough for the Kamag-anak Incorporated. Enough for CORRUPTION.

I can hear you! I know the title is not original but then again who's original these days?
Is your face?

--End of Spoiler--