Patrick Moore: Host for all ocassion, 24/7 model on call

Spoiler warning. This is a public service announcement brought to you by MKmA, lol.

I was having a conversation with Patrick last night when he asked me, if I know someone who needs the services of a host for a party or in any events.


I replied back.

Seriously, I do not care who in the world is holding a party; for one – I am not fond of gatherings. I am an autistic; I am happy with my own private world and minding other businesses is never in my wildest fantasy, lol.

So in short as not to make him upset, I told him, “Um right now, I cannot think of anybody who might be interested but I can blog about it, if you want. Matter-of-factly, I have five loyal followers, lol. Who knows, one of them is in need (yeah, right fat chance), how about that?

Okay, just make it sure; I don’t sound like I am begging, haha”. He agreed while grinning. “That’s not a problem then - leave it to the expert”. Right!

So here I am.

Now, guys – if you are planning for a party/event such as Product launching, Pageants, Company Events, Debut, Weddings, Birthdays, Fiestas or any party that requires an event host. I can recommend you to a friend. He’s been doing this job for quite a while and I am sure he can rock the house. He is a host for all season – see, Ate Vi is not the only one. Lol!

Anyways, without much of the blabbing, here’s the video he was part of. This video was during the 2011 Boardwalk : One Big Show. I think the show was aired on ABS-CBN via Sunday’s Best.
See! He’s promising right, but wait - that's but one of what he can offer. Fact of the matter, he was first seen on runways and on some ad campaigns. He frequently a part of the Bench fashion shows, ofcourse as one of the background models -- the extras lol.

Here’s some of his pictorials. By the way, he is an on call model, so if you need any extras or model in your upcoming event, then he is available 24/7.

Interested parties can leave a comment here or you can drop your message to this email. Oh, don't worry! Ofcourse, he is affordable, lol!

Oh before I forgot, he also runs a travel agency so if you want to experience the 7101 ways of making fun. Just knock, okay! And be the living testament why 'It's more fun in the Philippines'.

Whew! This is what friends are for?