How to embed Facebook video to your site

Imagine you are dying to share a viral video on Facebook, let’s say Obama doing a cover for “Call Me Maybe”. You are laughing with your hearts out and you want to share it with friends or anyone in the world.

It is perfect because you maintained a blog and sharing it with greater audience will be handy. But oops, it’s a Facebook video. And unlike Youtube and other video sharing sites that ‘embed’ option is readily available in case you want to share it in another platform. In Facebook, if you are not the owner of the video you cannot find a button that would suggest ‘embed this video’.

Oh don’t be sad. I’m here to help you. This tutorial will guide you how to put that awesome video to your site.

First, we need to identify the id number of the video, every photo and video posted on Facebook has its corresponding id that uniquely identify the object. The id is the number combination that can be found when you go to the video page.

Let say we already identified the id, example ‘470424211615’. Now here’s a short line for the code to embed the video in any website you want.

The xxx in red box should be replaced with the video id number. So in a way, your code should be like this with above example, value=”".

See, no sweat – isn’t it? But here’s the catch, you need to login to your Facebook account for the video to be viewed and the video should be set to ‘public’ access, so anyone outside of the owner’s network can also view the video, or else you will be getting an error message ‘Video unavalaible’.

Now, any Facebook video you want to share it in your blogs?

And just to prove you that this trick is working, I'll leave you with these kids having the time of their lives while being sprayed upon. It's soo cute, I can't help but to grin.