Jason Bourne Live in Manila

No! He is not turning into a rockstar and definitely not on a world tour. He is still the same ole’ guy on the loose, lol!

And I am guessing that Jason Bourne is not yet up for another exposure, as evident in what could be the sequel to his previous movie.

But then again, Jason Bourne is not the only one, right?

The Bourne Legacy is a whole new story if you are familiar with Robert Ludlum’s famous fictional espionage hero. In this movie, we have a new protagonist in the person of Aaron Cross and it was his story that is being told, here. And although Bourne’s presence will be felt at the early part of the film, this is because they want to justify that the story is a continuation to what happened in Bourne Ultimatum. So in a way, Ultimatum serves as the background.

The movie started with the aftermath of Ultimatum, when the Bourne story broke-out, which immediately brought negative feedbacks both from the public and the government.

Operation Outcome’ successor to ‘Operation Treadstone’ (responsible for the creation of Jason Bourne) is set to be destroyed by order of the CIA headed by Agent Byer (Richard Norton) , to eliminate evidences that will linked them to the project and avoid from further public outcry.

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is the product of Operation Outcome and therefore set to be terminated, along with Stephanie Snyder (Rachel Weisz), the doctor who helped create Outcome agents.

The story tells them, they must find a way to escape before the CIA will have them assassinated – as the words of agent Byer would put it – burn the program to the ground.

And in pursuit to preserve their lives, agent Cross and Doctor Snyder were found to be motor-crossing EDSA, walked on power cables dangling over the streets of Sta. Mesa, and flying with his motorcycle at Jones Bridge while chased by CIA agents.

Imagine crossing EDSA with buses frequently on the race while smoke belching, is in itself a survival for their life.

Most of the actions happened in this movie, were shot in the Philippines in different locations: Palawan, Marikina, Sta. Mesa, Manila and ofcourse the ever popular EDSA.

So this film will automatically be the most anticipated movie for most of the Pinoy. And why not, this is the movie that will be making good impression in the box office. The whole world will be watching - the world will be seeing the Philippines for the first time.

And this movie for sure will prove why ‘It's more fun in the Philippines’. Yeah! Wait until you see the movie, lol.

Meanwhile, here’s the movie trailer. Enjoy!