612: What's Next?

After seeing the video, I can’t help myself but to brag, er I mean blog. This video is the reminiscence of what we are -- as a country and as people.

And frankly, I can’t help myself but to wonder? Do we still carry that bloods, our forefathers have spilled fighting, so no one would suffer the plight they had endured?

Looking back, there is no doubt, that we were people of greatness.

What happened?

We are supposed to be commemorating the 114th Philippine Independence, but most of us would not even care what the hell an Independence Day is?

All they have worried about is how they can acquire the latest gadgets out in the market. Or just hangs with friends savoring of what it is like to be free. Not knowing, thousand lives had to be taken just to make sure, we can have the taste of Starbucks while Facebooking insanely, everyday.

Now, let’s go back to the video. Ofcourse, I am not ranting. This is just another Independence Day syndrome, I would say, lol.

The video is about the animated version of ‘Lupang Hinirang’ which is by far, the coolest rendition of our national anthem. This is a gift to the Filipino people as we celebrate our freedom day. This video is from the creative team of National Historical Commission of the Philippine and Rock Ed Radio.

It is a 1-minute- 38-second video performed by the Radioactive Sago Project and directed and animated by graphic novelist Arnold Arre. Yeah, it’s Arre, man! Have you seen his work in ‘The Mythology Class’ or ‘Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat’? Uh, you better grab your own copy now, seriously, lol.

He started the video with the Philippine flag entirely covered the screen, eventually the lower portion started forming into a clouds. And mind you, it’s fierce because it needs to synch with the color red which happen to be the lower part of our national flag. As the clouds moving sideways from right to left (is this what you call the counter clockwise? lol) the upper portion is now catching up, in rhythmic to form a milky way or was it a galaxy?

Uh well, something like that - in short it forms a sky lol, and not just a sky but a lovely and charming one. Guess what is the background color? Lol, it is blue what else could it be? So by this time we are seeing a beautiful night outside.

Then slowly but surely the white, in the triangle is starting to dissolves leaving the silhouette of the sun, and the three stars. And then we can see that the sun is zooming in and finally disappeared only to be overlayed by a very big star that is twinkling brightly.

Waah, here’s the video for you to watch. Duh, I really need to be a story teller, eh?


Love that rice planting scene with Mt. Mayon as the background, it’s so Bicol.

I wish every theater owner would be bright enough to put this video on during the ‘Pambansang Awit’ moment inside a movie houses.

Who really wants to endure the faces of ABS-CBN and GMA, lol. Please, for Independence Day sake put those faces away and put this video instead, from Pixar, lol. It’s flawless, by the way.