The hypocrite among us!

The issue about Willie Revillame and the alleged child abuse has gone too far. Social media has played her role well and succeeded in a way. The call went viral prompted advertisers to pull-out ad placement on Willing Willie, ending the tormented Willie to voluntarily suspend his show for two weeks.

The most painful part he was not aware on the crime he was accused. All the while he thought that the March 12 episode was one of the fun-filled episodes of Willing Willie. He was clueless on the crime stoned at him like what went wrong?

I am one of those who actually watched that particular episode, one of those who laughed hilariously like anyone in the audience (including some of TV5 execs) when Jan-jan started gyrating his body as if a midnight dancer at some gay/strip clubs.

Honestly, I cannot find any fault on that segment and I thought the interaction between Willie and Jan-jan was in a good taste that they even ended liking each other.

For crying-out loud, you people who condemned Willie are supposed to be of high intellect as you always brag in your groups like you were the group of people who have excellent grammar and write in impeccable English.

So you mean, geniuses are shallow minded now, oh spare me from being a genius, lol.

NO! Jan-jan was not exploited on that episode and matter-of-factly he gained a two thumbs up reaction and gained praise for the showmanship he has displayed from the studio audience and at home (including me) because despite on the verge or actually crying he still carry his routine flawlessly.

Come on smart-head, just because a boy is crying while dancing in front of a national TV, it doesn’t mean that he is not in agreement of what he is doing. Jan-jan registered a blank face as if wants to cry any moment prior to his dirty dancing, see the kid is a cry baby, lol!

I bet those of the know-it-all-morally-perfect-and-HYPOCRITE individuals who tweeted and joined the group only seen the edited version of Jan-jan's dancing and never even watched a single episode of Willing Willie and the hell of these people to judge someone they do not even know just because they hear something bad about his old reputations?

Hello smart-head where's your brain, people change; the people you may have known from 15 years may not be the same person of today. And Willie is a person who wants to make his ways to be corrected by showing his love to those neglected by our society, oh yes, that include you smart-head and now you are playing saint - you are a humongous filthy hypocrite, shame on you!

And just because Willie has this unusual sense of humour it doesn't mean he has no manners. Willie is a playful person; he would pick anything to make it a laughing matter, not to offend someone but to make things light. That is the way he is, the way he sees life.

It is unfair to accuse him of Child Abuse. I heard some legal experts on this matter, and at first glance they sound convincing but I am not after what is technically right here what matters to me is what is RIGHT and the intention.

Was there an intention to humiliate Jan-jan in his show? NO! He may not be witty enough to have chosen the right words and tackle the situation well but nevertheless there was no intention of humiliation.

And what about those repeated dancing?
Oh you were never happy in your life don't you? Those were an act of affection, a gesture of fondness to the kid, don't you get it? It happens in every family reunion or family gatherings. It is a normal response of a HAPPY person to repeat a thing that amuses them.

A national TV is not an ancestral house to show such act.
You mean, those kids from Goin' Bulilit are spared? Most of the time, kids portray as gays in complete outfit, some of the girls in bras, do you think it is a good example? Did you cry foul on those occasions? Now, shut-up!

The Anti-Child Abuse Law was created to protect children from cruelty, exploitation and endangering a child's life. After the March 12 episode Jan-jan life become a better one, he gets the attention he was longing and with the money he earned, in a way it improves his life. And he was never degraded because he has done such sexy routine. He was actually the most loved kid on TV after that episode.

So do you think, R.A. 7610 is applicable for Jan-jan? Hell, don't give me that technicalities again you stupid smart-head!

On Friday 8 April 2011, in his 25 minutes monologue Willie announced that he decided to take a leave for two weeks. Meaning there will be no live broadcast of Willing Willie for such period. He said he wants to take a rest for a while to weigh things up, especially if it is worth coming back to the show. His only concern is supposed to give hope to our less privilege brothers and now that advertisers are pulling out from the show, he is afraid he cannot accommodate them again the way he treated them before. In the end he promised that he will continue Willing Willie even it will not attract advertisers, he will give his entire salary if needed just to help our poor country men.

He also made mention of individuals who have been actively participating on the campaign against him. Jim Paredes, Lea Salonga, Agot Isidro, Aiza Seguerra, Bianca Gonzales, K Brosas, Mylene Dizon, Tuesday Vargas and Leah Navarro.

I used to respect these people, er I mean except Leah Navarro, I never like her ever since. She talks a lot, sees every fault of the previous administration but look at her now, what good she has done so far for our country now she is with her supported president?

I remember Lea Salonga (I used to call her with Ms, until Friday as a sign of respect) in her "hey days" during her Miss Saigon days. Yeah, Miss Saigon the time when she was not a "has been" lol, she talked about the bad habit of crab mentality but look who is talking now. Right! Thanks we live in democracy, lol!

Jim Paredes what about him, well, I used to visit his blog but I have deleted him on my blog roll after that Friday incident ahaha.

For Bianca, oh this no-good-girl, her opinion don't matter much to me. I remember her when she was inside the Big Brother house, she's kind of sl**ty don't you think, yuk yuk, lol.

By the way speaking of Child Abuse, have you noticed Mutya in some of her episodes while dipping herself in water? On many occasions, her lips and whole body is trembling as a sign of coldness. Do you think it is far better than a child dancing like a stripper, to be called child abuse?

And lastly, I will not buy anything from those advertisers who have been shallow-minded by submitting to the pressure made by those equally shallow minded groups.

Yippeee, I love McDonalds now, haha!