25 Years After!

We are still a struggling country.

We may have freed from the slavery of the dictatorship but we are still a slave to poverty. EDSA Revolution was tagged as Pinoys finest moment or in general, man’s finest moment by overthrowing a dictator government in a peaceful way, “street praying”. We were praised by the world with such ingenuity and unique form of rebellion. And now, other countries have actually borrowed the idea by doing the same.
Alright, democracy was restored. What next?

EDSA Revolution has triggered us for a change, to be a humungous brat. Why? Because of that, we are free like we can do anything we want provided in accordance with the law (but most of the time it turned out to be against the law). And that means as well as the politicians, they are free of politicking in politics.

After the re-installment of the new government, politicians were free to go around with different political parties, depending on the degree of the promises, imagine only in the Philippines that every election we have a new Political Party being registered.

How could you trust these people of government when they can’t even loyal to their original party affiliation? No wonder where going backward instead of going onward.

I heard, the honorable Bongbong Marcos, the son of the late dictator (is he a senator now), uh I must have missed it (lol). He said Philippine could be like Singapore by now if the Filipino people let his father run the country.

Seriously, I’m so agree.

It could have been a different story, if we let him maneuver our country. In his days, Philippines is one of the top countries in Asia, second only to Japan, in terms of progress.

But look us now, we are even pulling behind Vietnam. And our President, in his EDSA 25 anniversary address, as usual he does it again, he’s blaming everyone; he blames the Arroyo for taking Philippine money in her terms, he’s blaming the former first lady the imeldific, Madam Imelda Marcos for her shoe collection.

Mr. balding president, why don’t you shut-up and do the job. Work in silence, and let the people impress by your work because seriously, until now you haven’t done anything nice to our country aside from the witch-hunting-power-tripping for those individuals closest to the previous administration.

And until you prove something good for the country, you will far worst to Arroyo when it comes to achievement as president.

Your time is running, show us what you got! Be a president to the Filipino people.

By the way, you are not your father!


dont think there is a cure for poverty. and no revolution will help to get rid of it!