Revisited: SINGER and Memories, Part II

After the most anticipated reunion organized by my former friends from my previous work, my Facebook has been flooded with Singer memories. The moment I open my account, feeds from various Singer friends showing pictures of familiar faces in different and comical shots showing their favorite smiles ever.

Say cheese!
Oh my God, these people are maniac, lol. I mean these are people who won’t say no to a camera when in focus.
As I have told you in my previous post (of which, by the way happened to be the primer), a friend who in vacation from Dubai, asked us to organize a mini Singer reunion before she flies back to the desert. The reunion was supposed to happen sometime first week of January but due to the hectic schedules left by the aftershock of the holidays, we ended finalizing it on the 20th of February, a day before her flight back to Dubai by the way.

So, last Sunday was the day, Singer friends and foes alike (lol), were one-by-one summoned to Luneta Park. After a series of deliberations wherein suggested venues were presented, Luneta was the unanimous choice. For one, Luneta is accessible to every Pinoy, so the chances of getting lost is inconceivable and beside Luneta is now a decent place to hang around. Gone were the days, where walking in that area is a serious crime, lol. Ofcourse, for violating the code of ethics of the conyos (ahahaha), seriously who really wants to be caught doing the infamous HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) at Luneta on those days? Hello, I rather cut myself to death than to endure the humiliation from friend’s ahahaha.
The agreed time was supposed to be ten in the morning but being a Filipino, it started at 12NN. Oh by the way, when you say Pinoy/Filipino time (this is for the sake of those outside the Philippines) you always have to add two hours to the designated time, so when a Pinoy friend says, “I’ll see you at eight”, that means she/he wants to see you at ten. But ofcourse sometimes it varies depending on the person but I tell you two hours is a modest estimation.

Now, let’s go back to the topic. I came in at eleven in the morning (see, I told you it varies depending on the person, ahaha). The Punong Bantay aka the Punong Abala (Event Planner) which is Irene was already at the place socializing with other early birds. They must have caught a lot of worms by that time (lol). I was greeted by a shriek as they approached me to say Hi’s and Hello’s with matching how-are-you-nice-to-see-you greetings. Five minutes after my arrival (naks, red carpet eto, lol) another familiar faces came and then another and another. We used the iron-gate as the port-key as one by one disguising themselves as Muggles came sprouting - only to be distracted with a loud shriek every time someone familiar is coming.

The waiting group composed of the younger generation (I was in that group, lol) and the not so young ones; we call them “The Thunder” as in matatanda (the elders’ haha). And we had our ways of greetings, the younger ones preferred the Hi’s and Hello’s while “The Thunder” were shrieking uncontrollably as if they were the only person in the Park, ahaha.
Thirty minutes past twelve our numbers have grown remarkably. The heat of the sun and the shrieking must have been the culprit that someone has called for lunch. As if automatic, they proceeded to the food area and started unpacking packages. There’s a lot of food, cakes, ice-cream, bibingka, cassava cake, lumpia, pansit, chicken adobo and a lot more.

Me, being assigned for the drinks; had to walk to the nearest Savemore (formerly Masagana) because Glorya Ulan was waiting, we were both assigned for the drinks. It was a long walked under the heat of the sun. It’s so tiring that when we’re back my appetite was somehow being shut. Nevertheless, I helped myself with two spoon-full of rice. Ida and Mother (Ate Salv) were actually giving me more foods in my plate and commenting I should eat more.

While eating we started talking about Singer; reminiscing the good old days, how it was a fun part of our lives and how it was become. Ofcourse, while other can’t resist but to open their cameras and start taking pictures.

Ofcourse, precious moment like this must be preserved for eternity. Imagine, Ate Adel came all the way from Pangasinan just to attend the occasion. Ate Leny and Kuya Roland were the last to arrive having come from Nagcarlan, Laguna. Ate Remy as usual was hilarious with her stories, to the joy of everyone. I for one, enjoyed as I listened to her antiquity.

We had a short rest after that sumptuous bouts ofcourse this while exchanging stories of the now and then about each life; the Punong Bantay prepared a game to be joined by everyone. I was called to join the trivia game (by the way all the games were Singer related) of which we were five in the group, unfortunately we lost, ahaha. Well, we were cheated. The Punong Bantay was too obvious siding the other group. I confronted her on our way home as we both taking the same route but she denied it. My thick eyebrows fly high to planet Mars.

We really had good times but like any good stories, it has to end. The sun was about to end her duty for the day and so as our time. One-by-one, each of us bid our goodbyes and heads to our respective home and having brought a happy memories – memories of friendship that will be kept forever.
We were the last batch vacated Luneta, so I came home eight in the evening. Immediately, I opened my Facebook and those who left earlier already uploaded the pictures and tagging everyone who attended. In the group’s wall, Lhina posted a comment how it was fun seeing each other and she calls it the “Real Singer Family” of which I agree.

The remaining four years of Singer existence was not a memorable one. People in power were swallowed by corruption and arrogance to the point that every employee has despised Singer.