Revisited: Singer and Memories

I have worked for several companies from Port Area of Manila, going to the Central District of Makati, made my way with a short tenure at Ortigas Business Center and currently at a posh vicinity of Bonifacio Global City where my everyday routine’s greeted by my face and other faces who wants to fit in in a cubicle of up and down as I enter the elevator to make my way up at the 18th floor where I have to spend an eight hours of work and without a Facebook. An agony if you ask me. I’m not getting use to a strict environment.

That’s why I’m still longing the warmth and inviting ambiance of Singer, my first ever job.

And speaking of Singer, we had a planned Singer reunion after its demise and today is the day. I woke up early as four in the morning because I had a sudden headache and my body was in pain, and I had developed a stiff-neck. I haven’t done anything the previous night so I asked myself, what with these? It’s really painful that I had to get up and find for a pain reliever but I couldn't find one, so I just closed my eyes enduring the pain.

With my Singer friends

I must have slept that at ten I woke up and without the headache, wow good riddance. After half an hour I’m ready to go, I’m excited I have to see old friends. I always wanted to see Mother (Ate Salve), Bali, Ida, Ate Yolly, Ate Remy and some of the nice people of Accounting.

The sun is at her element, she’s killing everyone, lol. I mean, it’s a very hot day, obviously summer has come. I have taken the Harrison/Kalaw/Luneta route and dropped at the BIG LETTER that says Rizal Park. There was a Magnolia ice cream vendor and I was craving for an ice stick, so I approached him and look for the Melon flavored Popsicle. I was already biting the ice stick when I asked him how much the Popsicle cost. He replied with Php30, I almost dropped the ice candy with a gesture of “what”? It only cost Php14 at the nearest store in my neighborhood. But I am not in the mood to go warring with anyone at that time so I handed him the Php30 and entered Luneta Park.

It’s a long walk going to the part of the park where the heroism of Rizal was re-enacted; it would be the place where the reunion will be held. Familiar faces greeted me as I enter that part of the Place. We exchanges Hi’s and Hello’s as we were waiting for others. From time to time we were shouting as a sign of greetings as some familiar faces sprouting the area, coming in.

It’s no doubt a gesture of Singer that we had known for so long. It has been a fun day; we get reconnected and sharing stories of the past of course the Singer way. Everyone is happy seeing each other. I must say that most have not aged, despite the ten years of not seeing each other.

We were flooded with food as everyone is bringing as they come. Again it’s very Singer. We shared the food as we sharing memories and of course the highlights of every events. Taking picture. I am not fond of picture taking simply because I am not photogenic, lol. I look better in person (lol) than in picture, you know ahahaha.

So, as to excuse myself from the horror of the flashing light of the camera (haha), again, I have to babysit my godson. I think we have developed a connection that he loves to play with me. Every time I am out of his sight he would scream, with “Where’s ninong? Matter-of-fact sometimes he would deny his mommie in favor of me, ahaha. I had two godsons on that occasion.

One is Joshua, I remember on his baptismal his Daddy was missing because he fetched me over in my home as I don’t know the place going to the church and we were stuck with traffic. The ceremony was scheduled at 10A.M. but we were able to get there at 1PM where the ceremony was already finished. I was so embarrassed, because it’s was my fault he was unable to attend to his son’s christening. But it was him, who insisted to fetch me, still it was my fault. Now, Joshua has grown to be an intelligent kid. He is a whiz kid and always bagged first prize in any competitions his in. The last title he earned was the Science Quiz Bee grand champion. Everyone in his family is proud of him and ofcourse his Ninong.

Now, as I am babysitting my other godson, he came and played with us. From time to time he would open his camera and focus the lens to where I was located. He was taking picture of me waaah. I just ignored him; he was doing that for several times. Until, I stopped pretending and grinning addressing to him what was he doing? He just grinned in return and deposited his camera and continued playing with us again.

It was a fun day and a memorable one. Singer may have died but the people who have experienced his love will always be grateful; for the good times, fun memories and the love it shared among its employee.

After, that day we went home with a happy smile and as we parted our ways we have agreed for another Singer reunion.

Until then.

Thanks, Singer for the friendship.