DotA2 is coming, are you ready?

You heard it right! And this time for real, Game Informer have announced DotA2 will officially launch next year both on PC and Mac platform.

It was speculated years back and rumors have been spreading like wildfire among online gamers after Warcraft III current map developer ‘IceFrog’ was hired by Valve in 2009. However, it was not clear what project he was working with Valve.
But with the recent announcement it seems that IceFrog is bringing DotA map into a full game based using Valve’s source engine. This is good news because W3 game limitation will be lifted and ofcourse new features and I say ‘cool’ will be added.

Now let’s find out what to expect in DotA2. And let’s start with the ‘In-Game Voice Chat’, playing DotA communication is always a key factor to win a campaign, proper communication creates teamwork and it’s hard to send messages to your team while your hand is full controlling your hero, so typing is a way of annoyance. With DotA2, integrated voice chat is added to allow you communicate with your team easily.

Now speaking of voice, I think you are all aware that DotA map is using the Warcraft III sound set, created originally for Warcraft III campaign. In DotA2 heroes will now have the voice that will properly fit for the game and their character, cool huh! You can even find amusing lines coming out from heroes like Lina Inverse and Rylai teasing each other, how about that?

In this advance version of DotA, problem with the leaver will no longer be an issue. Disconnected players hero will be automatically taken control by an AI bots. This is to give players credit what is due for them, just because one person couldn’t finish the game it doesn’t mean their experience will be taken as well. And this is what an AI for; it’s called the ‘Leaver AI Replacement’.

And because this is Valve in control, ‘Matchmaking System’ will be imposed using its traditional Steamworks for the skill based matchmaking which will let you play comfortably.

Coaching System’, veteran players will have the opportunity to login as a coach and teach the newbies. The coach can see beginners screen and can get private voice chat during the game. Oh cool. Ay ay sir, I’m ready to work, lol.

Ofcourse not to forget the ‘In-Game Rewards’, DotA2 will introduce a new system which will reward you by just participating in the community forums. See, by just blabbing around you can earn rewards, lol.

So, how about you? Are you ready?

For me, will I am not ready, lol!