Weekend Getaway: The Luzon Invasion, Part 3 of 3 – Putong Calasiao and the Lady in Manaoag

After that sumptuous lunch at Isdaan, we took a minute of exploring the vicinity. We visited the infamous part of the place, the other side of Isdaan of which you can release all your anger and hatred in the world by throwing plates into pieces.

So, if you’re dreading someone but is unable to kill them, lol. Don’t worry, there’s always a place to go, and that is Gerona, Tarlac. Here, you can unleash your darkside ala the Hulk, by smashing a TV sets on the wall or wreaking havoc by throwing plates into a million pieces.

And if you want it to be dramatic you can always add props, perhaps a banner that bore the face of the person you want mother earth to swallow it whole, lol.

Now, we were getting late so we decided to pay the Lady of Manaoag a visit.

We arrived at four, the once sunny day had suddenly shifted its mood and pouring rains actually welcomed us. We bought candles and distributed to each of us. There wasn’t a crowds, the atmosphere was calm. Four candles were handed to me, immediately I went to the other side, the vacant one. I lighted all four and offered prayers to the Lady of Manaoag. While praying the Our Father, I forgot some of the lines, lol. I have to repeat it thrice until I am convinced it sounded, RIGHT. Toinkz.

After lighting the candles and prayers were offered, we went inside the church to hear mass.

Manaoag, Pangasinan is one of the famous places in the Philippines; it is where the church of the Lady of Manaoag is located. Millions of devotees from all over or even outside the Philippines, visit here to see and offer prayers to the lady saint.

We waited till the mass ended and explored the place outside the church wherein you can buy pasalubong, there were lots of fruits and candies displayed on the sidewalks. We bought the famous Putong Calasiao, tupig, and some tart candies.

It was half an hour past five and the rains started pouring heavily, so we get inside the car and headed back to Manila. Heavy rains, followed us, as we left Manaoag.

Traveling back to Manila was long, I had headache till the next day.