The Flying Canister and the worms

I was about to feed Aragog, Jr. with his favorite food, after I remembered it was a week since the last time I fed him. This is the good thing about raising a tarantula you don’t need to frequently feed them with their food.

A week is considerably a regular way of feeding them. So, if you’re into busy schedules and yet you want to pet a pet (lol), then I recommend you to have a Tarantula.

A typical Tarantula usually eats crickets, roaches or worms as their food. Since roaches are kind of gross and it’s hardly to find a crickets somewhere so the best option are the worms or the super worms. You can buy it at any pet shop stores. Super worms are less gross than the roaches since they do not have the smell like roaches, unless you find them dead anyway, lol.

And do you know these super worms are safe to be eaten by human? I told you, try it now? Toinkz. But if you still not convinced, ask Joe Roegan then. Superworms are frequently eaten by the Fear Factor contestants may it be a raw one or the worm flavored milk shake.

Now, did I say smell? Uh yes, I almost forgot. While I was opening the canister where I housed the worms, I just found out all of them are dead. I forgot to feed them with veggies, so they must be starving to death that they end-up dead, lol.

I was welcomed with a foul smell that I opted the canister to fly as high and as far as 50 meter-radius. Now, instead of the superworms I just hand Aragog, Jr. with a drink. Tarantula can live as three months without food as long as they have water in their system.

So here’s the picture of Superworms for those of you who are not familiar with. My friend Kuyacoy aka Matangpugo will model you how a superworms look like.

Busy mode;)
Kuyacoy aka Matangpugo showing what a superworm looks like