The seeds of my gun

I have promised you in my previous blog to teach you on how to install PHP. Unfortunately, not in this post by the way, maybe in the next coming days.

There’s a lot going on with me, these days; a combination of excitement, running for deadline and annoyance at some times like I want to kill someone, lol.

The only motivation I’m getting so far is the thought that I am a superhero (lol) and hero needs to be composed at all times so I am trying - as in trying so hard not to turn green and smash everything I see within 5-meter radius.

I was pissed with my neighbors who make it a daily habit to be in front of their karaoke machine singing at the top of their lungs, like hello, you got neighbors for crissake. I am waiting for the song “My Way” to be played, so they can sing along with it before I’ll pull my gun.

I have this pellet gun in my closet, purchased at a Christmas Tiangge when I was strolling Marikina Riverbank last year with my friends. And I have installed a Styrofoam on my wall, so when a time that I am alone and super bored in my room, I would prick it, er I mean pick it and shooting non-stop while playing my gun (I mean, my pellet gun, lol).

My gun is also my weapon to drive some unwanted visitor like the shrieking cats. I would always welcome them with a flying pellet seed that would left them stunned and with a horror in the face as if thinking not to return in my place ever again.

See, my temper these days is at its peak, so it is unwise to pick on me at this moment in time because I tell you Jihad will be the next big thing, lol.

Now, why I am excited? Well, my sister promised me she will be sending me a box of Cadbury Flakes by next week and I am very excited about it. Yehey! I’ll be back to childhood next week. Cadbury Flakes is my favorite, chocolate candy by the way. And I heard, she’ll be giving me a new lappy. Whoah! What is that? An early birthday gift?

Uh by the way, my birthday is coming and by that I am officially accepting gifts. Avoid the rush, as early as now send in your birthday greetings but I prefer gifts, may it be in kind or better yet in cash, bwawahaha. Lakas tama ba ito, lol!

Yun lang, may ma-i-blog lang talaga ahaha!