Venus Raj, the big relief

I was watching Dirty Dancing UK on ETC while waiting for the live telecast of Miss Universe, of course this after hearing good reviews about Philippine bet Venus Raj. I heard she’s an early favorite so I want to see if the buzz was true.
2010 Miss Universe 4th runner-up Miss Philippines, Venus Raj

Watching Dirty Dancing was quite entertaining and fun that I almost forgot about the pageant when I turned my channel to ABS-CBN the candidates already started to introduce themselves, Miss Jamaica just presented herself.

I waited for Miss Philippines turn, she was all charming but I just thought the voice-over wasn’t her. After the commercial break the host announced the top 15 candidates which was earlier selected by the panel of judges, Miss Philippines was the last to be called and the crowd was pleased. The top 15 then paraded their best in swimsuit competition, Miss Mexico got the highest points and Venus was in third place. So logically speaking she will be moving on to the next round. Top 10 finalists were selected and yes she was in. Now it’s time for the battle of elegance and poise by parading their evening gown. I was closely comparing her score with the others and after Miss Australia, the last of the top 10 finalist finished her ramp, Venus was in number 5 position so again she will be moving on to the next round. And when the host is about to reveal the name of last candidate to fill up the top 5, Miss Philippines was called. Wow, she’s there. I was very confident, with major, major (pahiram Venus, lol) joy because I thought she will make it to the top, knowing her as a very witty and intelligent person, so question and answer would be her strong point.

Now on to the question and answer portion; all first four candidates really did well on their answers but it was Miss Jamaica’s answer that I like most being a PRO-LIFE myself lol though Miss Australia’s liberated answer was kind of cool too. Then it was Venus turn and while her answer was okay, it was the weakest of the five. She could have add drama to it, I mean what about that “dethronement” thing and how she managed to get over it, perhaps she could use her family, friends and God as her inspirations to conquer all that controversies and managed to correct it. Not that it was a big mistake but it’s a mistake nonetheless for the misconception of her birth data, isn’t it?

Though I must say, when she said that “thank you so much that I am here” is enough of a statement that would justify she have conquered all the odds but I think that statement would only work for someone who knew her on what she have gone through but to the judges that’s not the story.

But then again, she gave her best and made us proud. She lifted our spirit and morale after that hostage tragedy that tarnished our country and our being as Filipino people so to you Venus Raj congratulations and thank you for giving as temporary relief and promoting Philippines as a nation of beautiful people (inside-out) and not a haven of criminals.

This year’s Miss Universe was the highest finish by a Philippine delegate in 11 years since Miriam Quiambao placed as 1st runner-up in 1999.