UAAP 73: Where Heroes are made!

They are coming! Are you ready for this?

UAAP has always that thing to wow its supporters and audience by bringing them to frenzy every time a game is played. It never fails to excite students and parents alike. And why not, after all UAAP is Philippine premier collegiate athletic organization.

The RIVALRY and DRAMA are something you don’t want to miss when your favorite school/team is up for a game.

Come July, 73rd season will unfold and once again promises to deliver the excitement that spectators always wanted.

And to give you preview on what they have got, you need to watch this teaser video of what is in store. Blimey, I can’t wait myself.

Imagine a bunch of heroes are coming and the stage is set? Who will emerge victorious?

With its Will, will the Warriors be the last team standing? Or maybe the Brawn of the Bulldog would be enough weapons to destroy them all. But who can match the Force of a Tamaraw and the Power of an Eagle? Or is it the Might of a Maroon and the Strength of a Tiger that will claim the arena this time? How about the Vision of a Falcon and the Animo of an Archer?

Who will survive, this time? Be the first to witness this classic saga on July 2010.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?