Are you a Facebook Quitter?

Like the failed Topkill project; March 31, 2010, Monday was supposed to be the “Quit Facebook Day” but failed big-time as most Facebook users remain loyal and said that the world’s most popular social network is too important to give up.
The call was made in response after Facebook launched its new ‘Like’ button and Open Graph API application. Open Graph is a new Facebook platform that allows sites and apps to share information about the user interests and tastes.

This means that if you signed-in to your Facebook account, any participating websites within FB like the Amazon will automatically display information, goods and services tailored specifically to your interest – and this without requiring you to logon into that particular website or providing any information.

This prompted web advocates from questioning Facebook for being too open of the new platform. But Facebook was firm and arguing that the change was for the good of the web and not just for Facebook.

The call for ‘Quit Facebook Day’ was then circulating all over the net and they have actually set the date to 31 May 2010. The group had asked everyone to delete their FB account but Monday came and it seems it’s a usual day for Facebook.

Although Alexa have confirmed there was a slight decline on Facebook traffic on that day but still it wasn’t enough to consider as if there was a mass breakout.
According to groups’ homepage there were 35,785 users who have vowed to quit Facebook.

So are you one of them?

Alright I am not one of those 34,000 quitters lol. I love Facebook, I swear I cannot live a day without it.

Anyways, I leave you with a parody video to Quit Facebook by Rap artist SeanieMic,enjoy.