Tweet, tweet

Why everyone is tweeting? Why twitter is so damn popular?

The answer: Celebrities

Yeah, celebrities made twitter so famous and of course not to forget the special participation of giant networks for making it possible, the word of mouth is delivered to every household.

Now, twitter is the undisputed king of micro blogging.

And why twitter anyway? What’s with twitter?

Well aside from the fact that this community is designed to socializing with people of different colors and cultures.

But due to its unexpected popularity, Twitter is now a perfect place to promote your product/services or your business in general. Twitter is also a good place to get the latest news and get updated with what is hot on the net and in the world.

And of course if you want to influence others then use twitter. Hollywood celebrities for instance use twitter to express their thoughts about their views on politics, people or other issues like humanitarian matter.

When earthquake struck Haiti, A-listers Hollywood celebrities’ convened using twitter asking for help and donations for the stricken country and it’s a success.

In the local scene, during Election Day celebrity and media men used twitter to deliver true accounts of what is happening in their precinct like twitting on the predictable PCOS machines malfunction lol.

So the next time you answer the question, What’s happening? Just Tweet it baby lol.

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