Constitution 101 for President Elect Noynoy Aquino

“My God, these people must study the Constitution first before they open their mouths”
Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

Can you imagine, JPE urged Noynoy to study the constitution (lol)? For crying-out-loud and he is supposed to be our next president (good luck naman sa mga Pilipinogoodluck to the Filipino people).

This happened after the-now-swell-headed-and-soon-to-be-sworn-in-president of the republic Noynoy Aquino refuses to recognized the appointment of Associate Justice Renato Corona as the new Chief Justice as replacement of Chief Justice Puno who will retire on May 17 .

Aquino, publicly criticized the appointment of Justice Corona for according to him was part of Arroyo’s midnight appointment and that Mrs. Arroyo should appoint the new Chief Justice after her term ended (A what? How would she appoint a new CJ when she’s no longer the president?) and therefore he won’t honor it and declined to be sworn-in as the next president by the appointed CJ and added that he would rather be sworn in his home-town Tarlac by a Barangay Captain. (I have a suggestion Noy, how about taking oath before Josh?)

During a weekly news forum at the Senate, re-elected senator and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said, that Noynoy should be instead thankful of the president’s appointment because there will be no Chief Justice if PGMA hesitated to appoint a new one.

The new President cannot appoint a Chief Justice simply because the Constitution says that appointment of a Chief Justice should pass through the JBC (Judicial and Bar Council).

And there will be no JBC when the new President assumes office on June 30 because of the absence of the Chief Justice. The job of the JBC is to recommend appointees to the Judiciary and the President will select from among the list of nominees.

The Constitution state that the Chief Justice is the Ex-Officio chairman of the JBC and that JBC cannot function in the absence of an Ex-Officio chairman.
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