Web Directories

Looking for a specific link or content about a website using the usual search engine will give you thousands of results. And unless you have to visit it one by one, you cannot really identify which is which. It takes extra time to find the content you really wanted.

Thanks goodness we can always turn to the services of web directories. Unlike search engine that gives you result based on keywords, web directory on the other hand gives you lists of the websites organized accordingly to the over-all theme or topic of a site by subjects or categories and is usually maintained by human instead of a spider (a software that crawls the content of a page) that search engine used.

The good thing about web directories is that if you happened to own a website, you can submit it to their listings to increase your SEO rankings. You can have it for free (free web directory) or if you want to give your website a better standing in the directory you can always opt to the paid option.

Web directories offer varieties of websites that you may find it helpful to your specific line of businesses and therefore potential for a possible increase on your profits. These websites listings are reviewed by users just to give you idea on the credibility of the website.

Today, the most common and is widely popular web directory is the Yahoo Directory, used mostly all over the world, mainly by business owners who wants to achieved success on their businesses.

Another one is the Open Directory Project (ODP), popularly known as DMOZ, a multi-lingual open directory constructed and maintained by community of volunteers. A free web directory that is manually reviewed before it is included in the list and is hierarchically arranged by subject, from broad to specific.

Web directories are more efficient than search engines, by linking you the website you want rather by giving you the per page linking.

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