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Let’s face it, Twitter is everywhere these days. It’s the most favored micro-blogging platform in the net. Thanks to the media exposure, celebrities and famous people who uses this application. A couple weeks back, Iran used twitter to assemble her people and marched on the street and let their voices be heard.

Lady Gaga last night after her one hour breath-taking and a night to remember show at the Big Dome (Araneta Coliseum) tweeted and extended her appreciation by thanking Manila for the warm reception.

More and more third party applications and widgets are sprouting everyday to ride the popularity of Twitter. And speaking of third-party apps, I have found a new application that would let you add a widget on your website or blog about your twitter followers.

I find this really cool because usually, widgets about twitter will only give you the total number of your followers and the status on your current tweet. In short it won’t give you the thumbnail of your followers like the Google FriendConnect or Facebook NetworkedBlogs.

Zhuyo, pronounced [zoo-you] is a Chinese term meaning ‘assisting friends’, has a very nice and neat widget about your Twitter follower which you can select from different color scheme you want. The only thing I don’t like about Zhuyo, is the font used for the status tweet, the good news you can change it by amending the CSS code but of course there’s a bad news, the link to it is broken lolz – it’s not working, so for now obviously we’ll gonna wait for them to be fixed.

And by the way, Zhuyo is now in its close beta but if you really want the widget you have to follow them on Twitter to get the invitation code. Here’s the example of the widget, please take a look.

Putting a widget on your website is one way to attract traffic and if your website content is about making money then it only means that this traffic could be a possible business partner and therefore an increase to your profit.

Happy blogging.

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