Touch a blogger: Tie a Yellow Ribbon for Cory Aquino

This campaign is one way to support and pray for the immediate recovery of former president Corazon Aquino. Mrs. Aquino has been suffering from a colon cancer and is now confined at Makati Medical Center.

A symbol of democracy and is best remembered as the lady who fought the dictatorial government of Ferdinand Marcos through the 1986 People Power revolution, a mass break-out in the street to oust Marcos.

If you’re a blogger and want to join this campaign, simply create a post “Touch a blogger: Tie a Yellow Ribbon for Cory Aquino” as your title. You can create a link to the original post but it is not required. Invite other bloggers to tie a ribbon too, you can create your own design provided it's in yellow being Cory's branded color but ofcourse the quickest way is simply upload the image above.

MKmA offers a prayer for the improvement of President Cory’s health. AMEN.

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Not being negative here but prayers won't make her well... No matter how much healing masses will be held for her, it won't work!

Lalo na yang mga healing masses na started by politicians? Lalo lang sasama ang kalagayan ni Mrs. Aquino... Kasi, pakitang tao lang yang mga healing masses na yan eh... nagpapabango lang ng pangalan ang mga pulitikong yan... Kung gusto nilang gumaling si Mrs. Aquino, they should go to their rooms, turn down the lights, and pray silently...

Even you guys, na nagpopost ng yellow ribbons sa blogs nila, that won't work... Say silent prayers for her... No offense to anyone but as the bible says, prayers made in public won't be answered...

It's so sad that she will never be with us anymore.

Thanks Tita Cory for guiding our country and bring back to democracy.

You will truly be missed. May you Rest In Peace!

Condolences to the Aquino family.

we will miss you Tita Cory.. we pray for your eternal repose.. you are a good icon that will stay in our hearts forever.. our condolences to the Aquino family...

Rest in peace Tita Cory.

I am missing you already:(