TRESE: Unreported Murders

Agent Alexandra Trese could be one among the SOCOs investigating possible traces for a murder victim. She may appears normal as she digs evidences like the rest of the investigating team but Alexandra Trese or Agent Trese as she fondly called is not your typical police detective – for her realm includes unlocking the deepest secret of the underworld.

TRESE: Unreported Murders

Deals with paranormal phenomenon as other would put it. Yes! Like Mulder and Scully and their never-ending quest to finding the answer - Is the truth really out there?

You seen her battles with the Tikbalang, Santelmo and even investigated the death of the White Lady in her book debut; Trese: Murder on Balete Drive.

Now brace yourself for another breath-taking adventure as she takes on the familiar figures of our Pinoy folkloric characters.

That’s if you grab a copy of Trese: Unreported Murders.

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