Farewell to the King, an H & E tribute

I’m not a Michael Jackson fan though I must admit, I like some of his songs and Ben is my favorite.

A legend, an American phenomenon that shakes the world for his contribution to music and for his passing – the world mourned for the man.

And as tribute to the icon, one restaurant in Makati, the Heaven & Eggs (H&E) greet their patrons to a Jacko inspired ambiance from the screens that play a Michael Jackson concert, the waiters wearing an I Love MJ shirts of course carrying an MJ inspired dishes.

Take Jackson 5 for example, a pancake combo of which four are made of dark chocolate and the other one is of white chocolate. Thriller, in tribute to his greatest hit is made of Banana Waffles with Raspberry straps. A Neverland with a colorful candy layers and the Moonwalk, a double layer fudge brownies with large ice cream on top.

Video courtesy of GMANews.TV

Good bye MJ.

Those MJ shirts worn by the crews are from us (ad eto lol).

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