In Memoriam: Francism Lives On

At 44, he is very young. At 44 he's an inspiration. At 44 he’s a legend. And at 44 he dies. A short-lived life for someone’s dreaming for a better Philippines, someone who dies promoting motherland.

He may die young but his legacy will forever be remembered. He serves as an inspiration to the new generation – the youth; an inspiration that all classes happily embraced.

He uses his talent through his kind of music to convey and send message to his audience; the essence of nationalism. He made us realized through his music of how lucky we are to have a country so beautiful like the Philippines and to be born being a Filipino – a gift from God that we should be proud of.Francis M

An exceptional artist who made history in Philippine music industry after the release of his much-talked about album – YO! A breakthrough album and regarded as the first ever commercially Rap album released in the Philippines. An album that would open new window for Pinoy pop culture – Rap Music. An album that will give new opportunity for young Pinoy Rap and Hip-hop artists.

Mga Kababayan, his most famous from among his pieces became a national anthem to every Pinoy households as it talks about the Pinoy pride and through this song that he was hailed an artist with a cause by the industry.

A cultural icon – truly a Pinoy pride.

Go journey, three stars and a sun will forever shines on you – Francis M.

Thanks for inspiring us. Mabuhay ang Lahing Kayumanggi.

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He will be remembered. A man who had great hopes for our country. A man who on his last days was more concerened about soliciting blood to replace the one's he used up. A good soul.