Dra Vicki Belo versus Boy Abunda

The infamous remark of Dra Vicki Belo to Mr. Boy Abunda has been the talk of the town these past few days.

Video Credit

Many have sympathized Boy for that so-called bad taste and uncalled comment made by his then friend Vicki.

Having watched that controversial video, I thought the comment wasn’t bad at all, she even reiterated that it was just a joke. It was that stupid - Mo Twister who really made it heinous by keep on repeating that it was indeed a very well said line, while grinning like a devil.

Seriously, you cannot blame her by quoting in such way; for some reason, they were best of friend before and that if he valued their friendship he wouldn’t accept the offer in the first place knowing that Calayan is a rival product. Second, she’s talking about her business and what best to convince a customer; it happened Boy was a perfect subject.

And for Boy, the reaction was normal but then again by accepting that campaign he should have at least anticipated the possibility that somebody out there, might raised its eyebrows and question the move. I mean the campaign is about creating your new you by turning you into a beautiful swan or a good looking frog?

I do not want to elaborate my point ha-ha but if I were to put myself into cosmetic surgery and the criteria of choosing the effectiveness of the program is by showing me the face that carries the campaign, then there is no comparison - it’s only Belo.

Who touches yours? Toink!

Peace out!