Green Thumb

We were scouting for our possible supplier at Divisoria a month’s back when we found a woman selling a fortune plants. The prices are way cheaper than that of the mall; three pots for a hundred that contained four plants each. And that if you compare it to the mall value each plant would cost you more than a hundred. So Joan and I decided to buy the combo, she have taken the two pots and I took the remaining one.

She brought one of the pots in the office (Joan is my office mate by the way) and now its dying ha-ha. A pot that used to have four plants is now down to one and half of the stem has already died toinks.

While my plants is now sprouting some roots and it’s ever glowing by the day as if saying hi to me when I wake up in the morning or every time I’m home.

I remember when I was in grade school my mom used to convince me to plant a banana tree (is it a tree? Uh whatever!), and I did. It turned out to be a very healthy one and that when the time comes that it bores a fruit, passersby from every corner of the world (lols) won’t missed to have a look at it and exclaimed, WOW. I swear it’s true, seriously!

So I am thinking of spending my idle time, tree planting perhaps on that barren mountain caused by kaingin system, mother earth would love me for sure, now that we are dealing with climate change. Uh come on don’t give me that grin, I’m dead serious I want to make a good example to our environment you know wakokok.

Do you think it’s a good advocacy?

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