Weekend with a Bunny

I was on my way home from Binondo last Saturday afternoon for my weekly Pilipit (Yum yum, I am craving for this one) shopping at Eng Bee Tin when I decided to drop by at SM Manila.

I’m supposed to visit National Book Store for any interesting books and perhaps for a cup of mocha frap at Starbucks but when I have re-surfaced from Lagusnilad underpass I found a commotion nearby. I stalked!

And I realized that the center of attraction was the cute bunnies in white - FOR SALE. It’s a 30-day old bunnies and cost Php150 each, its cuteness is very inviting that I immediately disregarded the thought about the books and the mocha frap.

I bought one and excitedly headed home with a box of bunny and a bag full of Pilipit. I spent my weekend playing and cuddling with my new pet - a bunny.

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fave ko rin yang pilipit. :-)