It's raining with discount at

I know it's wet but you don't need to wait for the rain to stop for your shopping needs, ofcourse regardless of your weight by the way, lol. Just make sure you are ready and wired with your Internet accessibility.

Now, go to your room get comfortable and find its coziest part. Grab a cup of coffee, you can have a sandwich too if you want or just open a pack of chips while watching your favorite Korean Novelas or drawn to your favorite K-Pops artist singing to a song you don't even understand, lol. Oh well, they're cute and they dance so well, they're like dolls lol.

No, I am not promoting a K-Pop or anything Korean. This post is to suggest you on the best place to shop online. I've been hooked to online shopping since I started this madness. It's easy-peasy and the good news, you can browse all day and night to the items you want to buy. Compare with the others, decide what is the most kick-ass color and style and ofcourse the most convenient price.

Imagine, SM Megamall Fashion Hall has been opened a couple months back but I haven't visited it yet. Funny, I'm seeing it every day and night going and off from work. Oh well, because I do not need to go to the Malls to buy what I want, I can always use computer you see (amateki, lol).

The only time I want to paid visit a mall is when I need something from 21Men (Forever21), UniQlo or Oxygen.

Now, one of my favorite online shopping destinations is (can you hear me, Lazada? Up yours, lol. Haha, hindi halatang may galit sa Lazada). I have purchased a couple of items already and I still have a lot in my wishlist that I want to buy. I am just waiting for the right time (lol), actually, I am waiting for the item to be 'on sale', haha. I like Zalora when it comes to services, your order can be expected the next day and they always valued customers. So, it's either they gave you a discount voucher inserted on your order or some freebies. And, now that they're starting to have a reputation, reputable brands are already coming in. My personal favorite are River Islands, H.E. by Mango, Jack & Jones, Ezra and Kirv Apparel for clothes (top and bottom, lol parang bading lang haha). For shoes, I like Supra & MacBeth but there are a lot to choose from; Nike, Rebook, Vans, Crocs, Sanuk and many more.

So why don't you give it a try and shop online. You can start with If you are afraid of your order won't be delivered, you can always choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option. This traditional option is still the best. The only bad about this, is you need to be always around your house but then you can always authorized someone.

Now, in case you want to try Zalora, you can use this coupon code ZBAPTD6. This will entitle you for a 15% discount on all items you have purchased.

Shop na, haha.

Even falling leaves..
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