The Passion of Margarito

As expected, Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao again set history as he claimed his eight world title after a unanimous victory against the bigger Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito in their November 14th World Junior Middleweight championship fight at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao is the only person in the history of boxing who wins eight titles in different weight categories.

Despite outweighed by 17 pounds, the smaller Pacquiao uses his trademark once in the ring by displaying his lightning speed blended with raw power to topple the bigger and taller opponent leaving Margarito a puffed eye on the left while a badly swollen cut was registered on his right.

Early rounds showed Pacquiao's signature moves as he splits Margarito defense by connecting follow-up jabs but Margarito seems not affected by the punches. It was in the fourth round that accumulated punches by Pacquiao becomes evident in Margarito as his left eye wore gigantic swollen bruises.

In seventh round Margarito find his way to fight back Pacquiao and land his best shot when he released a left hook that nearly sent Pacquiao at the corner but the Pambansang Kamao was quick at firing back.

After 12 rounds of raw action, judges gave Pacquiao a unanimous win which earned him a guaranteed $15M richer. Judge Jurgen Langos scored 120 – 108, judge Glen Crocker 118 – 110 and judge Oren Schellenburger 119 – 109.

Pacquiao improves his career record with (52-3-2, 38Kos) while three-time world champion Margarito slipped to (38-7, 27Kos).

Congratulations, Congressman Manny Pacquiao!


congratulations to Manny Pacquaio i feel sorry to Margarito look at his face but it was a good fight.

It was one the the great fights of Manny, spectacular win. What captures my attention is Manny's attitude of not hurting his opponent so much and all he wanted is just to win.

Manny vs Margarito