A heart was found for Willing Willie

You are right! I am referring indeed to Councilor Shalani Soledad. For days she's been a topic all over the net having been chosen as the co-host of Willie Revillame's Willing Willie. Her hosting debut earned her name (#Shalani) a trending topic on social media, the Twitter.

Ofcourse, not without the criticism - like why of all people? Given the fact that she's a shy type of person and it seems socializing isn't her strong point. Not to mention the idea of being paired with the infamous and playful Willie.Shalani Soledad

But then again, there's always room for improvement and the fact that she accepted the role, I think that's enough of assurance that she's willing to learn and embrace a new life.

So, on Saturday 08 November 2010, she was officially introduced as co-host of Willing Willie and was tagged as the "heart" of the show. Just before she went onstage, different images of her were flashed on the big screen while Bruno Mars, "Just the Way You Are" served as the background. And as the slide fade to an end, host Willie Revillame finally called her to join him on stage.

A finesse and obviously nervous Shalani emerged from behind wearing a simple white dress but nevertheless with a touched of class while "Nothing on You" of Bob (feat. Bruno Mars) playing on the background.

Willie gave her the honor to speak after the introduction and the soft-spoken and timid Shalani addressed the audience with a greetings and explaining them how it happened, why she was in agreement with her new role? It left her teary eyed after her introduction.

Now, if you ask me to rate Shalani in her hosting debut? Well, she's NI (Needs Improvement) for me. And after watching her everyday (yeah, I know, I'm a devoted one, lol) on the show, I think she's getting better she can even drop some funny lines, now.

I personally love seeing them together especially when Willie would pick about her love-life. Today's episode was a hilarious one, after Willie advices her to go for her heart and follow the right path (Tamang Landas), a satirical comment referring to PNoy's campaign tagline, Matuwid na Landas (straight path).

How about you? Do you think Shalani has brought excitement to the show?