Willie, Keanu, and Devil's advocate

I am Keanu Reeves, the devil's advocate, lol.

Well, I just noticed most of the time I was caught siding with the unpopular choice. Not because I want the coolness of the antagonist but I always want my decision to be fair. And by trying to be fair, I end up seen with the D-side, lol.

I don't know if it was me or it's the world who gone wrong, I'm convinced it's the latter, haha.

And speaking of taking side, I'm sure if you’re living in the Philippines; you sure knew the issue about Willie Revillame's disagreement with his mother network, ABS-CBN.

We seen and heard opinions raised through different media; TV, radio, prints and even Internet, specifically the blogs and social networks and the tune unanimously condemned Willie.

It was all Willie's fault. Period. The tune was monotonous if you ask me.

I am always a loyal follower of ABS-CBN like I won't watch any programs that rival network airs. Wowowee is one my favorite TV programs not because of Willie but because of the stories (raw and real stories) each contestants carrying while taking chances that Willie-of-Fortune will set a new course to their lives. Most of the time, I cried watching and laughing with my hearts out the next moment when Willie was on his usual elements.

And I heard it, when he publicly announced his annoyance with Jobert Sucaldito and his threat to resign if the station cannot protect him. It was the episode where he invited the Muslim brothers from Mindanao. Even after the announcement, the ambiance was fun and yet empathic that the wife of the Sultan can't help herself crying while hearing stories of the contestants.

The next day, Willie was criticized for his behavior when the announcement was very clear that he already told the management about Sucaldito's behavior and yet ABS was deaf about it.

In his status being the premier money maker of the station, it is only right to give him such accommodation. So it's not right to put the blame on him knowing that he only lost his temper when his request was ignored and he was supposed to be in the league with Dolphy, Sharon, Vilma, the so-called A-listers as what Hollywood would describes top-of-the-class talents.

The other day, I heard Charo Santos-Concio's official statement after the court denied their request for the TRO of Willie's new program Wiling Willie. Oh, she reminds me of PGMA, after the flood, lol. She said, that Willie should respect the written contract he had his name and signature affixed. I raised my eyebrows as if it was only Willie who violated the contract.

The reason Willie was forced to resign because ABS was trying to amend what was written in the contract, like Willie can only come to his own show once a week, hello? Or, if he wants, they could give him a new show that will be shown in the sister network Studio 23, again, hello? And while in talks with him, they have already created a new show to replace Wowowee, another hello, for this lol.

ABS-CBN has always this thing of making their talents a puppet, like you cannot do this, you can't talk about this, and this is what you can only do.

This is the reason; I am 100% siding with Willie and by siding him I am starting my remote control to be fixed in Channel 5 ahahaha.

And speaking of Channnel 5, I was able to watch Willing Willie premier presentation but only the latter part, if not for my chat mate who happened to watch the show while chatting with me, lol but still nevertheless I enjoyed it. Very evident is the charm of Wowowee with all the lolas and lolos and the usual kinds of contestant who cries with just the touch of Wille, lol.

I swear it's better than Win Na Win with Kris on it.


sana hindi na siya masyadong mayabang :-) yun lang:-)... walang abc 5 sa surigao pag hindi cable ang tv..win na win is not hosted anymore by kris.. so, ibig sabihin ba nito mas maganda ang win na win kaysa kay wiling wilie with the hosts rico and others???

Hello Veta, thanks for dropping a comment.

But no, Win na Win won't get a chance of beating Wiling Willie in terms of fun and empathy.

This despite having new hosts the likes of Frank Sinatra, Kenny Roger et al, lol.

I don't think he's mayabang, he's only acting what he is capable of, I think. At kung yabang man yun, so be it, may ipag yayabanag naman talaga siya.

Er, I am not his PR btw, lol.