Walking in the rain

Yesterday, I woke up seven in the evening. Of course this after I have embraced the life of a vampire. Yeah, call me Edward, Stefan or even Lestat, I don’t really care, lol.

You see after months of doing these somehow my body is starting to adjust and actually getting used to it, though I would say it’s a sudden change of my lifestyle.
Literally speaking, I am sleeping on broad day light while a full-time superhero at night, lol. Yes, I love darkness now; I’m invincible when in the dark a power that I have noticed lately, lol.

Smashing Pumpkins’ on the background:
“We only come out at night, the days are much too bright, we only come out at night.”

It was a damped evening as it rained sometimes in the afternoon. I’m too reluctant to get out of my bed, my body’s aching perhaps I have overdone an exercise.

It is now my daily routine to take an hour of exercise to flatten my tummy this after I have found out I am getting more fats. I have blogged about this the other day and that I have borrowed a CD from a friend called the Hip-hop abs and so every morning I am dancing and hip-hopping to the max for my abs, lol.

So despite the heavy feelings I pushed myself to get up and take a shower, I am running late to my work. I was waiting for a ride when raindrops started falling. I thought it would just pass by in a minute but it continued for about half an hour. I’m getting late and I don’t have the umbrella, so I went to the nearest fast food chain for a shelter. Good thing, beside was a RTW store, I entered and asked the salesperson for an umbrella but she said they don’t sell umbrellas and suggested me to have caps instead. Since I have my Jacket and seems the rain won’t stop, I was forced to buy a cap it cost me Php250 (The North Face cap), it was twice the price of an umbrella.

If it happened I am on my way home, I wouldn’t mind walking in the rain.

Matter-of-factly I love it when it rain... that’s because my best memories happened during heavy rains. Lol.