Spiderman goes Broadway

It must be MJ (Mary Jane Watson) who convinced him, of course who else would be. Come November our favorite and friendly neighborhood web slinger will grace the stage of Broadway. Spiderman: Turn off the Dark will set to premier on November 14 and regular performances will begin on December 21 at Broadway’s Foxwood Theatre.

Playing Peter Parker will be Reeve Carney (Snow Falling on Cedar and the upcoming Tempest) and 2009 Tony Award nominee Jennifer Damiano from the Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway production, the critically acclaimed Next to Normal will play Mary Jane Watson while Patrick Page is set to play the role of villain, Green Goblin.

Under the supervision of Julie Taymor (The Lion King and The Film across the Universe) with all original music and lyrics by Bono and the Edge of U2.

Turn Off The Dark presents a new take on the adventures and ideals of Marvel’s most amazing hero. Writers Julie Taymor and Glen Berger promise to bring fans of all ages to Spidey’s 40 years of myths that both familiar and fresh, story that is recognizable yet filled with unexpected twists and turns.

So Marvelites are you ready for this one?

And being the keeper of flames, yes you Marvel fans, starting August 11 to August 18 at 11:59 PM ET, you can buy advance tickets using your AMEX (American Express).

Grab your Amex now and be sure it is not max-out okay, lol!


Wow, Spiderman in Broadway. I wonder how that will go. It's difficult to imagine. hehe.