Link Me: BC Blogger 4

One way to boost your blog’s popularity is to have it link to different blogs or websites. Linking your blog from other sites is one way to determines one’s Page rank and Technorati authority.

So if you’re a starting blogger and want to monetize your blog then better work on your PR first, advertiser usually go for the blogs with higher PR.

And how to get a better PR, well aside from the good contents it is important that your blog is also link to other sites with a good standing PR value.

Start earning your PR by exchanging links with other bloggers, of course this while giving good contents to your readers.

And speaking of link exchange, I’ll now introduce you to BC Blogger 4. It’s a link exchange project and everyone is encouraged to join, I mean each bloggers.

Follow these few steps to be part of the link exchange project.

  1. Encourage bloggers to participate in this project by creating an article or post about the link exchange.
  2. Grab the badge and put anywhere in your blog (sidebar is most preferred).

  3. Now fill up the application form. One blog per form, if you have several blogs to include, use new form and resubmit again.

So that's it, happy blogging!