I am size 32!

I went to a tailor last Saturday because I want my pants to be altered. It’s an oversized Armani jean given by my sister when she had a vacation some three years ago. And as I have told you, I have gained some weights so officially speaking my 27-in pants' are now useless.
Gucci 2010 S/S Men's Collection

I was digging my cabinet for any replacement for my old pants and was glad I found one. But at 34 it still useless, so I decided to visit the tailor at once. And this time I want it to look totally new and I was inspired with the 2010 Gucci S/S Mens collection when I saw it parading on the runway of Milan, in one of Fashion One’s program presentations. So, I instructed the tailor how the way I want it to look like (image above is what I want it to be), I just hope he gets the idea (crossing my fingers).

The tailor is located somewhere in Espana, Manila and I came as far as Mandaluyong, so from the mountainous Sierra Madre I have crossed continents just to have my pants altered in Spain (imagine that? Lol).

Now, here comes the place of the tailor. It was the son who fitted me; the fit was okay until it came to my waist line. He recorded the figure to a small sized piece of paper, it says 33. My eyebrows automatically stand straight an inch higher. I said, “fit me again, that’s not my waist line”. He was kind of intimidated or nervous while fitting me, as if he won’t touch my tummy. I want to cry, “come on now, touch me, I’m all stiff now", lols. I mean it’s hard to stand straight as if you’re a robot hello? Then the father seems to be observing his son. Came close to us and said to his son, “Okay, leave the fitting to me and I’ll make you the pattern, so it won’t hard for you”.

Their business is very Chinese like, the manpower is composed mainly of the family members, his children are the sewers. A very Divisoria if you ask me, lol.

The final fit for my waist-line is 32, waaah I used to be 27 and had a very flat tummy. Seems my hip-hop abs routines are not working eh.