ABSolutely Dancing!

After I have resigned from my previous work, I noticed I am gaining weight. I am always the skinny type. Despite eating nutritious food with daily vitamins intake, still my system as if wouldn’t mind the effort and the horror I had gone through just to gain more weights.

I’m still eating the same foods (more junk foods and chocolates by the way, lol), taking the same vitamins but lo and behold I have now more weights than my friend. This was officially confirmed when we were packing and unpacking their luggage because they want to make it sure they won’t go more than the 15 lbs baggage limit. They were off to Hongkong, I mean we were supposed to off to Hongkong if not for the delay of my passport. Now in between of those loading and unloading scene, I tried to put myself on the weighing scale, I tried it twice and it caught the attention of my friend and saw the number registered on the scale.

After I weighed myself, maybe curious of his own he positioned himself on top of the machine and smirked afterwards upon seeing his new weight. I was more than ten pounds than he was. He used to be 5 lbs heavier than me. Then he was laughing furiously upon noticing the bulge on my tummy, swear it’s the tummy, lol!

Yeah, for the first time my tummy is bulging lol. And I hate the way it looks like, I am as if the traffic enforcer or some Pulis patola (cop) lol.

I hate to have big tummy, so I started to do some exercise in the morning. Even I despise workout because it’s so tiring. Then I remember my other friend who once I borrowed her CD collections for a movie marathon, I found one CD labeled the Hip-hop abs.

So yesterday when I happened to get bumped on her while on her way home, I reminded her about the CD and she taught I was referring to the apparatus that she uses on her abs. She handed me the pink colored belt that would grind the tummy, lol. I told her, I am not the worst case yet and it’s the CD that I need. She grins and actually invited me to join her to Slimmer’s World on weekends because she enrolled for a year of training.

Now, it’s my second day working on my abs with the Hip-hop Abs CD. I was enjoying because some of the routines where exactly the moves that Jhong Hilario danced in some of his Sample sessions on Showtime of course minus the tumbling and death defying stunts.

I love dancing, that’s why my previous company has always a spot in my heart because my co-employees who eventually my best friends would usually has a TGIF night out at the now banished Art’s Venue or the Cowboy Grill or some spots in the Malate area where you can unwind having beer and the sisig while listening to the live bands and of course sweating while dancing.

Also in my previous company, that we always held our Christmas party in a Hotel and that after the gift giving we party all night by dancing crazily. I don’t care if I have to trip toes with my Comptroller or our HR Manager as long as I am dancing lol. Anyway they’re crazier than me.

So just dance, lol.