UAAP 73 opens the season with a Concert Rally at the Big Dome

In its centenary year, De La Salle University the host of this year's UAAP, tagged the season with a theme “Where Heroes Are Made”. According to the host university, the deeper meaning of this year’s theme is not about the UAAP sports/hard-court heroes but the hero among us. They want to encourage every one of us (the Filipino people) to be a hero in our own way, in our own little way.

Exactly, just like what Bob Ong suggested in his book Kapiton Sino (Captain Who)?
La Salle's Atkins leads Oath of Sportsmanship

Inspired with the newly installed president, President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) and hopeful that he will lead the country to development, this year’s theme is dedicated to him.

No wonder, this year’s opening ceremonies was like a concert rally for President Aquino, complete with the song and dance number while the singer have to shake hands with his audience. From time to time the singer would encourage his audience to sing along with.

I don’t know if it’s only me but it was the most boring UAAP opening presentation I have ever seen. I was very eager to see the opening because it’s suppose to be from La Salle, I am expecting something of grand display and wow factor in their production numbers.

Well, this is just my opinion but I swear it was boring; look at those dancers of the participating schools while they dance in synch but you can hardly tell of the synchronicity when they all dressed differently. I mean, it’s as if they were only rehearsing in the Big Dome.

The best venue for that opening is not Araneta Coliseum but the Quirino Grandstand, if you ask me.

Not even the “Where Heroes Are Made” movie could save the day. Lousy and trying hard one (ofcourse, this again is my opinion). It was like a school project of four people this despite putting some humor on it, the heroes were acting like claustrophobic that it caused them to be very stiff, one of them almost trip as she went down from the ladder, it was only Enchong Dee who justified his character. The other heroes should have given a workshop on acting with ABS-CBN talent center before they shoot the movie.

Also notable were the empty seats, it’s as if there were more vacant seats than the occupied ones. The hosts had to repeat for so many times before you can actually hear the shouts of the audience, this after they were asking for an audience participation.

I actually had taken my nap while watching when I woke up, the UE versus UST match was playing, at the third quarter of the game I decided to sleep again, UST was ahead by 7 points, waaah!

I woke up the next day and started searching for the outcome of UE, UST game. UE defeated by the Tigers waaah, I want to sleep again but my melatonin was on day off.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?