RSS Graffiti: Automatic updates your Facebook with your blog posts

As Facebook popularity soared to its highest high, no wonder this platform became the haven to some of our business minded brothers who want to promote their products and services. Being the world’s number one social networking site, Facebook is absolutely the perfect place to start your marketing tactics and make your campaign more visible to your target audiences.

So you are a starting blogger and want your rants about your twisted and wasted life to be heard? Why not ask Facebook to tell the world about your anger, lol.

But seriously if you are a blogger, one way to drive traffic to your blog is to share it with your Facebook wall. And with its openness now you can promote your blog through some third party platforms. These third party applications will update your wall by automatically publishing every story you posted in your blog.

So how does it sound to you now? Cool huh! Ofcourse it is, now talking of third party tools let me introduce to you RSS Graffiti. RSS Graffiti is neat and offers enough flexibility to customize your own feed in a way you want it to appear in your wall.

Here’s the preview of how RSS Graffiti will do for you. 1 Display your articles with or without the associated images. 2 Append a prefix to your article posts. 3 Display Twitter tweets in a short format. 4 Convert Twitter status updates to Facebook status updates.

Want to try it? Here’s the steps to incorporate your blog RSS feed to your Facebook using the RSS Graffiti.

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?


facebook indeed is a great tool to promote your blogs and articles. the facebook wall is just the best feature where you can broadcast just about anything. thanks for the post!