The real HD video calling experience with FV touchcam N1

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Sharing our stories, saying Hi and Hello to our love ones abroad is now a norm in today’s borderless world. Thanks to power of Internet, now we can say “I love you” to them by just posting to a social networking wall, sending them a chat message or if you prefer the most innovative one, the video chat.

And who would ever say no to a video chat? I mean isn’t it a joy video calling your father and seeing his face before your very eyes. A father you are missing for two years and look, here he goes waving right in front of you.

But sometimes or most of the times instead of giving you joy seeing them in the face, it rather gets you frustrated because it’s a pain seeing them as if they were a moving boxed-like robot due to the poor picture and streaming quality of the video.

That’s the bad news of video calling, the good news is?

It’s the time to rejoice.

Yes, to be happy because faceVsion is bringing good news to us. FVT (faceVsion Technology) delivers a true-to-life HD video communications experience through any platforms of any screens over public or private networks. Included in their HD solutions are award winning webcams, universal video coding units (FVexpressTM), and full function set-top phones (FVfoneTM) for your most discriminating taste, video communication at its best.

Stay connected with your family and friends of distant places anytime and anywhere in high definition, with just a Skype away using the FV touchcam N1 for example.

FV touchcam N1 is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls, capable of delivering a full screen 720p streaming video, embedded with H.264 codec chips that squeeze the 720p video into a smallest stream that uses high quality video enough to be sent in any typical Internet connection. It also features a fast auto focus with best-in-class 78 degree super wide angle lens so several people can get into the picture. With its simplicity and mobility, this plug and play device attaches easily to any flat panel displays and or desktop.

While many webcam sold in the market claimed to be a HD webcam, the likes of Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000. Internet video calling using these models won’t give you the real HD quality experience because its HD quality video only works locally.

FV touchcam is available through and other value added partners.

So if you really want the real video HD experience visit faceVision on line store. Uh and don’t forget to have a sneak on its equally top-of-the-line FV ExpressCombo. I swear you’ll gonna like it too.

So you want to Skype anyone in particular now? How about Oprah? Well better get the FV touchcam N1 now.
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