Farmville or FarmTown?

While opening my Facebook I have noticed quite numbers of FarmTown gifts requests. FarmTown used to be the most popular farm game in Facebook until FarmVille made her way to this number one social networking site.

I was once addicted to this FB application that I had to stay late at night just to wait for employers to hire me and work for their farm. I was collecting as much money coin because I want to upgrade my farm and buy the biggest house and can raised plants with the higher value.Despite the popularity of Farmville, I still prefer Farmtown. As of today’s standing (15 July 2010) FarmTown is only at number 43 among the most played applications in Facebook while FarmVille is still unbeatable at number one. Although February, 2010 data says FarmTown was at number 15 so it’s good to assume that among the applications played in FB, FarmTown is one of the biggest losers, well literally.

Seriously speaking I do not like the waxy graphics of Farmville, for-crying-out-loud their animals can’t even move unlike FarmTown you can feel the real atmosphere of a farm. From the grasses, flowers, trees, houses and etc. for me, it really captures the real imitation of what a farm should looks like.And one thing I like about FarmTown is that you can also interact with other users in real time unlike in Farmville that you can only leave your message.

So what about you? Farmville or FarmTown?

Even falling leaves..
has its own story to tell, ikaw ano ang kwentong alamat mo?


di nako naglalaro sa FB... napapabayaan ko anak ko :) hehehe...

Invite naman kita sali ka dito

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Libay sige ba basta pagkaperahan hehe.

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