Kris Aquino, the new President of the Philippines

It’s barely two days after the election and we already have clues on who went home victorious, thanks to the successful automated election, the first in the country.

And I think it is only right to thanks and give credit to the man who initiated and made this into reality, the losing presidential candidate senator Richard Gordon who authored R.A. 9369, the New Automated Election System Law.

Imagine if he is our new president? I don’t know about you but for me, I’m sure my life will gonna be a lot easier.

But then again, people have spoken!

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about the election and he was very pleased with the outcome not only for the successful automated election but also for the victors and added a comment saying that the Filipino voters are A LOT WISER now. Whoah! I just smiled back to him but I swear my eyebrows still in the orbit of Pluto.

I know, everyone of us longs for CHANGES. For a better Philippines. But what are changes to you anyway?

I was ecstatic and hopeful while shading the circles of my ballot yesterday. I said to my self “Yaay, changes is in my hand, yahoo”.

Then I went home, turned on the TV sets and my HOPE died.

I opened the computer and typed I want to see how my precinct voted. My precinct number belongs to CP (Clustered Precinct) 308, composed of precincts 1477A, 1478A, 1479A, 1480A and 1481A and out of these combined precincts, total number of voters who actually voted is 676.

Here’s the voting percentage for the President and Vice President in my precinct.
Presidential race CP 308

Vice Presidential race CP 308

I am one of those 13 who voted for the Team Transformers and I am very proud.

Anyways, congratulations to all the winners, to our new president, to mayor Binay now the vice president.

Let's make every part of the Philippines like Makati. It's time to WORK.

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