Ang Bise Presidente mo ba may B?

Every time I wake up in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or in anytime of the day, the first thing I have to do is to find the remote control of my TV sets hidden somewhere under my bed sheets. It’s like my life is incomplete without these moving pictures popping my eyes the moment I opened it, so practically speaking - I hate power outages and by that I also officially hates election (lol).

And so while surfing, a habit I cannot resist when a remote control is in my hand (oh well obviously it serves its purpose), a political ad with the face of a prominent opposition in the name of Chiz Escudero, who once a strong contender for the 2010 presidential race but suddenly withdrawn his bid for no apparent reason and that rumor has it, he was paid just to swallow his pride and ambition (lol) caught my eyes.

He was endorsing a vice presidential aspirant, Makati City mayor Jejomar Binay. For weeks this has been the talk of the town, his endorsement for the president and vice president. A move that came after a survey on the trust ratings about endorsers came-out. Senator Escudero was on top and that according to the survey most Filipino voters are voting for those whoever Escudero will be endorsed.

Apparently he endorsed the same individuals, the NOYBI, the party list LADLAD (represents Gay and Lesbian) has endorsed and actually circulated some funny comments about Escudero (cheesy lol).

Going back to the ad, it talked about why he picked Binay instead of the other and one of his reasons that I can’t help my eyebrows to peek planet Mars (lol) was that because Mayor Binay is a true and certified opposition. I mean, what so cool about being an opposition by-the-way? What is coolness about opposing anything the government is working?

Other reason he enumerated is that Binay was the true poor boy, so he is the one who understand the needs of the poor. I am waiting for senator Chiz to say a line that would goes like this “and not that someone who swam his childhood in a sea of garbage”, (haha).

Seriously speaking, I like Mayor Binay - if not for the recent turn of events, I would have chosen him as my vice president. Well, for one his on my Twitter haha, yes he followed me lol.

The commercial ends with Chiz, saying “Ang Bise Presidente mo ba may B”, I smiled mischievously because indeed my Vice President has a B, as in BAYANI FERNANDO haha.
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