FEU Cheering Squad, 2009 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Champion

FEU Cheering SquadIn an estimated crowd of more than 20,000 screaming fans, Big Dome was filled with blue, red, yellow, green and maroon supporters on Sunday, 13 September for the 2009 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance competition.

A consistent top 3 finisher in the last 3 years of competition, FEU Cheering Squad, this year’s UAAP host had finally pulled-off and becoming UAAP season 72 cheerdance champion with a winning average of 86.1%. FEU Cheering Squad is well-known for its synchronicity and original moves. The Tamaraw being the last group to perform started strong with flawless routines and continue with a perfect ending.

ADMU Blue Babble BattalionADMU Blue Babble Battalion, another breakthrough performance in this year’s competition climbed higher taking the 1st runner-up trophy, their highest placement ever being consistently trailing behind at #4 in the previous competitions. Blue Babble Battalion got an average score of 83.4%. The moonwalk lift, stunts where-in the girls carried by its men and doing the Michael Jackson signature moves in the air saved its day, a new and a trademark move for the babbles. Meanwhile Blue Babble, Sari Campos was named the Samsung Stunner.

Last year’s winner UP Pep Squad failed to retain its title, was announced 2nd runner-up with an average total score of 83.1%. They started strong but failed to sustain it to the end, a couple of misses in the pyramid made them to land in # 3.

UP Pep SquadThe biggest upset of this season goes to the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, title holder of 8 championships – 5 straight in this decade, and last year runner-up, ended outside the top 3. Came in with a huge crowd but lost somewhere in the middle, their routines are original but not a stunning one, an Egyptian inspired routine, capped off with a human pyramid with two dancers on top amidst the fire-like banner did not wow the judges, though the performance was okay.

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