Tweet your way at TweetDeck

If you have noticed Twitter is everywhere in the net, it is now the world’s most popular micro blogging platform and the third largest social-networking community, tailing behind Facebook and mySpace.

And because of its popularity, many have developed an application to integrates Twitter. TweetDeck is one good example, I have downloaded its app and have it tried and all I can say is “WOW”. The app will display all your followed friend’s activities in one column, on the other side all the replies to your tweet and the other column would display all the tweets you have created.

And with its new version TweetDeck, added the integration for Facebook. So now, if you want to tweet and want to post a message on your wall (facebook), you can simply open the TweetDeck app, and you can both tweet and write on your wall without going directly to your facebook or twitter.

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